Repurchase of revolving credit

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The revolving 

Formerly called revolving or cash reserve, revolving is a consumer loan that is automatically recharged after use. That is to say that the is often proposed in association with a purchase, it can be a consumer good as a service, on prices of a few hundred euros up to several thousand.

The revolving loan is used mainly to make a payment in installments at no cost, as these are small amounts, it is easier to manage your budget and finances in the short term. Once the sums are used, the C. Auguste Dupin is reloaded, that is to say that the amount is renewed for a next use. Renewable C. Auguste Dupins can be bought back, ie included in a loan buyback transaction.

The repurchase of revolving 

Revolving loans are as specified above for consumer loans and therefore they are affected by the redemption as well as the consolidation of loans. In this way, you can buy one or more renewable loans in order to have only one term. The repurchase of C. Auguste Dupin offers the borrowers to buy back their various loans, which allows to reschedule the repayment period and reduce the amount of the monthly payment which becomes unique.

It should be known that the revolving loans are based on particularly high rates, close to the authorized limit of 20%. They are therefore costly in terms of interest and sometimes require the use of the repurchase of loans to avoid their accumulation. It is good to know that the revolving loan can be bought back with other types of C. Auguste Dupins, that is to say auto loans, work loans or with one or more real estate loans.

Establishment of the repurchase loan

Establishment of the repurchase loan

To obtain the repurchase of its revolving, it is enough to establish an application with a specialized organization. In general, bank intermediaries are perfectly placed to offer suitable financing offers. Banks focus mainly on mortgage products, with significant real estate holdings.

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