Maybe you’ve heard of online account connection and even know what it is, but you felt insecure when it came to using it. This is a common practice used by financial institutions when applying for an online loan. In this article we will explain exactly what online account connection is, how it works, why to use it and tell you if it is really safe. The story is on

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If you thought about applying for an online loan, but gave up because you did not understand what accounts are, be calm, it’s something simple. When requesting the connection of accounts, the financial institution requests the visualization of their online bank account, the known internet banking.

This means that you begin to share your bank move with the company that wishes to take out the loan online. That way she will be able to identify how much has gone in and how much has gone out of her account, evaluating her ability to pay the installments of debt. This information serves to prove your income.


The internet banking password will be requested, but rest assured! The account connection only allows the visualization of your account, it is not possible to carry out any transaction without your authorization. NEVER provide your password used at the ATM or credit card password, only the internet banking password and ONLY for trusted institutions.

As a matter of curiosity, the tool is also used by the Pocket Guide application, the app is one of the most downloaded financial managers in the Apple Store and the Play Store.

Why connect accounts?

Using the account connection is advantageous for you and the financial institution. By connecting to your bank account, the company has access to your bank statement, enough data to chart your financial profile. This information is important for two reasons:

  • Credit analysis : The financial will use your data to do a credit analysis. They will analyze your financial profile and your bank account details will be used for proof of income. This prevents the company from requesting various documents, such as payslips and bank statements from several previous months.
  • Personalized interest rate : If the financial institution knows your financial profile better, it is possible to grant a personalized interest rate. This means that according to your data, the company evaluates your ability to pay and can grant better interest for your loan .

How does connecting accounts work?

Once you have chosen the financial institution where you want to apply for the loan, enter the website and click on request loan online. After that, sign up with your personal data. Once you are registered, you will be directed to the bank verification page, that is when the account connection will occur.

After that, choose your bank, enter the agency and the account. Then provide your internet banking password. That’s right, the internet banking password, not the password of your card! But remember, there is no reason to distrust, this password only gives you access to view your account, never to carry out transactions. Your credit analysis will follow.

Be aware, as some financial institutions do not accept savings account, only current account or salary. And remember that it is important that the account that will make the connection is the account in which you receive your salary or have bankroll, as this is fundamental to the proof of income.

Is account connection really secure?

Is account connection really secure?

Yes! If you have chosen a reliable financial institution, making an account connection is something simple and secure. Some reliable companies that make loan online and use the accounts connection are: Just, Rebel and Ferratum. See also 4 tips for not falling into loan scams.

Account connection is a tool that verifies your bank account quickly and securely. The company only has access to the visualization of its bank statements that will be used for proof of income, so there is no need to send several bank statements or holerites by email, fax or post office. Using this technology is advantageous for both sides as it streamlines the credit analysis process. Which makes the loan faster.