Author: Holly Castro

What is Total Effective Cost and why is it important for your loan?

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When hiring a loan or financing, the consumer pays other expenses in addition to the interest, which may be included and change the final value. Knowing the total cost effective allows you to compare credit offers better. What is Total Effective Cost? The total effective cost, or CET, is the total of charges and expenses […]

Debt consolidation, what is it?

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Are you in a situation of debt distress and are you looking for solutions to weaken the weight of your debts? Debt consolidation is an option available to you to reduce your debts . Debt consolidation is a loan granted by your financial institution . The principle is simple. This loan allows the repayment of your creditors in […]

Is Online Account Connection For Hiring Loan Secure?

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Maybe you’ve heard of online account connection and even know what it is, but you felt insecure when it came to using it. This is a common practice used by financial institutions when applying for an online loan. In this article we will explain exactly what online account connection is, how it works, why to […]

Repurchase of revolving credit

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The revolving  Formerly called revolving or cash reserve, revolving is a consumer loan that is automatically recharged after use. That is to say that the is often proposed in association with a purchase, it can be a consumer good as a service, on prices of a few hundred euros up to several thousand. The revolving […]

Bank or Financial: Where to Make a Personal Loan?

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You want to apply for a personal loan, but you are in doubt whether it is better to apply for a bank or for a financial one? In this article we will clarify your doubts about how each one works and what is the best option for you. Check out! An editorial over at […]